Welcome to CNC Beamline

Welcome to CNC Beamline, the home for FICEP beamlines, angle and steel plate processing centers for Australia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific region.

FICEP offer the world’s most advanced CNC beam, plate and angle processing machinery for structural steel fabricators. Modern industry demands require high throughput to exacting standards. With over 40 years experience making automated systems FICEP machines are made in Italy to the highest standards with world leading technology in both mechanical systems and software.

Ficep TipoB in action, courtesy of Pacific Industrial Group

FICEP structural steel beam and plate processing centres allow fabricators to automate many of the processes that traditionally required a large workforce of operators; leaving your skilled workforce free for final fabrication duties. With continuous high volume production an obvious advantage, FICEP workcells also allow rapid changes to be made to your workflow as each item can be unique and marked with part numbers and markup layout for specific jobs.

Advanced features can also be added such as Robotic Coping units to cut complex shapes into structural steel beam profiles. The HP line of CNC steel angle Punch & Sheer lines can be configured with options to complete all operations in one pass, greatly reducing time with less handling required by operators.

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